Apple IPhone – Do Business with the Best Business Phone

Even though there have been many high end smartphones, none have created the same kind of response that the Apple iPhone has secured in the smartphone industry. It is because of the incredible technology that it came with a time when most of the phones were only boasting of the 3G technology. The Apple iPhone introduced to the touchscreen technology into the mobile phone industry that has formed the basis of the current high-end phones. It is for this reason that the Apple iPhone will be forever remembered as the mobile phone that changed the scenario of the industry.

The iPhone has been on sale from 2007, but if there is something that has not changed in the time, then it has to be the screen size. From the original Apple iPhone, the 3.5 inch touch screen display has been in use. The initial Apple iPhone had its resolution of 320 x 480 pixels within this touch screen display and it was clearly the best resolution that you can get in the high-end smartphone at that time. The phone also features the scratch resistant display for the first time in any mobile phone, which was extremely revolutionary and not to mention the capacitive technology as well. The recognition of multiple touches was only possible in the Apple iPhone at the time, which makes it even more spectacular.

It initially came with three options in the memory, with it being available in 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB versions. This meant the Apple iPhone quite substantial when it comes to storing entertainment content and phone will be able to appreciate the incredible amount of entertainment features that have been put into this phone. Even though it did not initially come with the 3G option, it was later added in the form of the Apple iPhone 3GS. Initially, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options were available in the Apple iPhone. One also has to remember the fact that the Apple iPhone was easily the fastest mobile phone that you can get at that time, with it being powered by a powerful 412 MHz processor. This processor ran the Apple iPhone OS, which is often described as the most stable operating system that you can find today. Partly, it could be down to the powerful processor that also had quite a substantial amount of RAM in order to run this operating system.

The Apple iPhone came with a two megapixel camera that could be supporting high resolution images, despite the fact that it did not come with a number of options. Initially, the Apple iPhone was available only in the black colour, but it was later available with the white colour also, which was predictably very popular amongst the buyers. The battery life was also one of the significant aspects of the Apple iPhone, with it being able to provide up to 8 hours of battery life quite easily. The Apple iPhone was replaced by the Apple iPhone 3G in 2008. Besides that you may also wish to take a look at iPhone 4 for other available deals.