Clash Royale – The Ultimate Strategy Game

The best way killing free time is doing what you like but sometimes things you like also feel boring then Smartphone is the only option for doing time pass. Most of the people love strategy game when they feel that they are getting bored because these games activate your mind and you can do much better time pass. Clash Royale is the best game from last few years because you can do a lot much more than a simple game. It’s action and adventure look like a simple game but only a user of this game know that how much action and adventure he feel while playing this game. There are many ways by which you can be the winner of this game. Let’s start from knowing a little about this game and then learning about strategies. The things what you have to keep in mind while playing this game is:

  • Focus on target when you are on the battle field. You have to wait for the enemy to attack you and when he attacks then kill his troops by using your cards. Meanwhile, this, analyze enemy strength and weakness. Destroy enemy’s towers one by one. First, go to the crown tower and then others. When you are done with bath the towers then attack king and win this battle. On winning this battle you will get a reward.
  • Defending is the other thing you have to keep in mind when you are attacking enemy. Most of the time everyone forgot about own crown tower while attacks on others. Always keep a firewall for your protection from air troops and for other attacks use baby dragon and other cards.
  • Don’t use your elixir in starting of battle because due to this you will be able to attack the enemy with full power. When your elixir is around 10 then use it and get the lead from the enemy.

  • Try to prepare a duo of troops while attacking enemies crown tower and girding yourself from enemy’s troops. This time you will be needed too much elixir for yourself.
  • Use your Giant to distract the enemy and while this attack on him. You can place a witch or musketeer behind to attack enemy’s crown.
  • If you are done with all of above steps then you can do one more thing if you lose in battle. Watch a replay of all the battle. Every time you will watch your mistake will learn from it. Mistakes are made to learn from it but never do the same mistake because whenever you will go up in this game, this game is going to be harder and harder.

This is what Clash Royale is. You can play Clash Royale whole day and night because this game is so much addictive. You can use some clash royale hack 2017 which can help you get free unlimited coins and many more things. Keep on playing, learning and them never losing.