How to Defeat the Final Boss in Any RPG

You’ve played sixty hours of the fifty third installment of the newest of the fantasy role playing games and you have finally reached the dreaded final boss. He stands before you, health points in the millions and spells that would have killed everything in the first fifty towns you visited in one blow. You have run into the room a dozen times and a dozen times been killed. You have learned a trick and survive a bit longer than you did in the first attempts, but it is becoming clear you are stuck. No need to worry though there are some simple things that can help you defeat the final boss in any RPG.

The first thing you want to do is check to see if there is any special trick. Often the final bosses have very strong patterns or specific items that you need in order to kill them, or at least to begin hurting them. If you just got the silver arrow you may consider try to use it first because there is a reason they gave you that special weapon in the final level.

Next check all of your equipment and do a final search for treasure chests. Many RPGs put a powerful weapon in the final dungeon, often this breaks many of the rules that existed on weapons in the rest of the game, like allowing anyone, including your white Mage to equip Excalibur even though no other sword in the game can be used by them. These weapons can often give you a huge leg up.

It is also useful to reconsider your group line up and other preconceptions. You may want to change to a far more defensive strategy, or far more aggressive as you step into this final battle.

If there are any, and there usually are, kill off the minions first. They may not be doing a lot but they exist for a reason and you can typically kill them far faster than their boss eliminating what small damage they do far faster than you would kill the boss.

If all of this fails, and it may then there is always the fall back position of grinding and doing quests. In most RPG’s there is an assumption you will be a specific level when you reach the final boss, but if you have been doing well you may have jumped ahead of that so try gaining a couple of levels, the next uber spell and then coming back.